Sequence of Research

The process, step by step:

1) Multi and Interdisciplinary, connotatively accurate retranslation of essential ancient texts. Analysis of their Logic.

2) Libya. Was it a Peninsula? Testimonies and references.

3) The journey of Herodotus in Libya. Mapping his route.

4) Pillars of Heracles. Where were they actually? Hitherto unknown important data.

5) The circumnavigation made by Hanno, king of the Carthaginians. A logical explanation.

6) The three circumnavigations of ‘Africa’. Where and how.

7) Several voyages of the first millennium B.C. New information.

8) Enquiry into the Logic of Myths and Mythographers.

9) Myth of Atlantis. New information. Resolution of the myth. Publication of the book ‘The Apocalypse* of a Myth’

10) Myth of Er. Resolution of the myth. Hitherto unknown, new astonishing information. To be published.

11) Myth of Illiad. Research in progress.

12) Myth of Odyssey. Research in progress. Astonishing historical evidence to date. Archaeological findings to be announced!

a) Homeric Calendar. For first time will be presented a well hidden very accurate Calendar similar with the today used. Based in the Methodology of Mythology, continously new facts from the ancient world are coming in light. This calendar gives:
The Synodic month – The Sidereal month with an accuracy of 27,3333 days! The year as 364.5 days and periodically with 366 days. Confirms also the accuracy of the ancient texts after their re-translation from the Alexandrians Philoshophers.
Surprise for astronomers and not only.
For first time the accurate description of the Orion’s asterism, refered hidden inside the “Odyssey” with an incredible and astonishing way.

More …

Questions about many texts of the last 2.500 years answered with use of simple true Logic.

b) Ancient Astro-Navigation. The sea voyagers of the Medditerranean sea, knew how to navigate with accuracy  to any destination by simply using the stars and the then asterisms. An easy method to find your way without the use of a compass, by studing a few details in the sky, as long as there are …stars and not clouds. Something very common in these areas.
To be announced later this or next year.

How the number One Philosopher has place secretly the identity of the  …1st  Homer inside his writings, and how the …2nd Homer has place secretly his identity inside the texts of the “Odyssey”!