Miscellaneous studies based on MoM.

Based on the innovatory Methodology of Mythology (MoM), a number of historical studies have been conducted, concluded or under research.

Many of the following have been presented in International Conferences.

1) Methodology of Mythology (MoM).

2) Plato’s Atlantis – The Apocalypse of a Myth.

3) The Pillars of Heracles at Gabes, Tunisia.

4) Libya was a Peninsula.

5) Circumnavigations of Africa. Three voyages explained.

6) Herodotus trip in Libya. His route mapped with accuracy.

7) Types of seas as defined by ancient Greek seafarers.

8) Astronavigation by Greek seafarers.

9) The ‘irreconcilable’ voyage in Africa of Euthymenes of Marseille.

10) The voyage of Hanno of Carthaginian: The actual route.

11) Climatic conditions before 10.000 years in the age of Atlantis

12) Euxinos Pontos (Black Sea): When the lake became a Pontos. The Deluge of Deucalion.

13) Plato’s cosmogony.


1) Homer’s identity. The story concealed in Plato’s myth.

2) The adventures of Odysseus. The stories hidden in Homer’s epic.

4) The Homeric Calendar. The first ever recorded on text and very precise.

5) Determining the date of the Trojan War (In co-operation with Prof. S. Papamarinopoulos and al).

6) Near – death experiences from written ancient reports and famous sources.

7) Archaeological findings located through the Methodology of Mythology (under progress).

8) Ithaca: The kingdom of Odysseus.

9) The unidentified islands of the Homeric Epics (to be finalised by the end of 2014).

10) Greece in the 1st millennium BC: The unknown aspects of precision in writing.