I neglected to also acknowledge all those persons who stood by me, supporting my efforts and offering me invaluable assistance in my research.

Special thanks to Philologist Mrs. Eva Dakia who worked with me on all the ancient texts and translations contained in my book for almost 2 years and in total 4.000 hours.

My gratitude for the Philologists, Mathematicians, Astronomers, Geologists, Geophysicists, Historians and Philosophers and their insightful comments, support and corroboration of many ‘sensitive’ meanings.

A “Thanks” is not enough for persons as Marian Mac Donald who made reality our dreams with the collection of all ancient texts in a source. Special thanks to California University for their program TLG and the availability of all ancient texts through Internet, giving the opportunity to easy find and cross-check any necessary item thus studying the real description of the ancient authors.

Thank you to everyone who read and gave me feedback on my book.

My appreciation of all who put their trust in my work even if some complained that I was not obliging in making the book easier to read ( I am sorry but I could not better simplify Plato’s meanings).

Thank you to Nicholas and Deborah for the difficult job of admirably translating all my work into English.

Thank you also to the members of the then (2009) Council de Institut Mauritanien de Recherche Scientific and also to Niane and Haibe.

My apologies to all who had a hard time comprehending my writings.

Finally, I thank Mr. S.M.L. for his vain attempt at plagiarising part of my work, thus confirming to me what he never admitted out loud; that it is indeed interesting.

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