1) New. September 2013. Presentation of HOMERIC CALENDAR (a). International conference of SEAC

(SEAC – Société Européenne pour l’Astronomie dans la Culture).

a) Homeric Calendar. For first time was presented a well hidden very accurate Calendar similar with the today used! Based in the Methodology of Mythology (MoM), continously new facts from the ancient world are coming in light. This calendar gives:
The Synodic month – The Sidereal month with an accuracy of 27,3333 days! The year as 364.5 days and periodically with 366 days.
A week of 9 days was used during Homeric epics.
Confirms also the accuracy of the ancient texts after their re-translation from the Alexandrians Philoshophers.
Ultimate surprise.
For first time the accurate description of the Orion’s asterism which differs slightly but in an impressive way from the today picture, refered hidden inside the “Odyssey” with an incredible and astonishing way.
Questions about many texts of the last 2.500 years answered with use of simple true Logic and/or MoM.
An amazing information written 3.000 years ago inside the Odyssey’s Texts. High interest by researchers and publishers.

b) Ancient Astro-Navigation. The sea voyagers of the Medditerranean sea, knew how to navigate with accuracy to any destination by simply using the stars and the then asterisms. An easy method to find your way without the use of a compass, by studing a few details in the sky, as long as there are …stars and not clouds. Something very common in these areas.

c) A carefull study of the Odysseus’ voyage. From Troy to Maleas. Part 1.