The Three Circunavigations of Africa

The Greeks have the saying “now that we found a priest, let’s marry them all”. In other words, ‘having found a key, let’s apply it to all locks’.
That is to say, by Libya being a peninsula, all will be elucidated. So, even without intending to do so, the three well known accounts of the circumnavigation of Africa, presented analytically firstly by Herodotus himself, are hereby explicated in the best possible way.

To date, as has happened with the other accounts of voyages, there have been many grave reservations as to how these circumnavigations were carried out. For example, tracts of water where the sea was so shallow as to not allow navigation have never existed in the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the distances involved and the characteristics of oceanic travel do not gel with logical representations of these voyages.

The Ancient texts and their up-to-date accurate retranslations together with new maps of the routes, are in the book “The Apocalypse* of a Myth.”