History of additions

This website was set up in 2008. (For technical -and other- reasons, the date of completion (in English) of the site with changes has been temporarily postponed for the end of September 2011, with a possible further extension into October.

Latest English additions: October 3, 2011.
New additions in the page, Invitation-challenge, new at “Acknowledgements”: March 13, 2012.

New: August 2013 – Excellent news. Read in “Presentations”, the last news about the research in Odyssey. An extreme accurate calendar scholastic hidden inside the Odyssey, accurate as much as the today used!
Also, Astronavigation: An ancient but highly accurate way to navigate without compass or ..GPS.

New: October 8, 2013. New page-Homer. New page-FAQ’s. Last statistics Oct. 8, 2013.
New: January 5, 2014. The new Book “Methodology to Mythology” agreed to be published.

New: February 15. FAQ page. Additional questions and answers about Atlantis.

New: Last modifications/additions/pictures March 16, 2014 -Pages: FAQ’s + Atlantis / The Continent + some ….decoration.

New: March 25, 2014 – Video at Youtube with Questions & Answers.